Common Murphy Wall Bed Questions

We are always happy to answer your questions. Here are some of the typical ones we encounter while out in the field designing projects.

What do you make besides Murphy beds?

As a division of Closet Factory, we are well equipped to organize, renovate and transform any space in your home. Our vast array of products includes built-in cabinets, home offices, entertainment centers, garages, bookshelves, pantries and more. We invite you to visit http:/www.closetfactory.com to view our full line of custom home storage products.

How much do your Murphy beds cost?

Because our Murphy bed cabinets are custom designed to your specifications, our price range varies significantly from project to project. The cost will really depend on what Murphy bed mechanism, cabinet components, finishes and embellishments you choose. You are able to control your wall bed budget, and our designer will discuss our many options with you during your free design consultation.

How experienced are your designers?

Our designers are well-trained industry professionals. In addition to their own experiences, they are required to complete a rigorous designer training program when they are hired along with bi-weekly training on new styles, products, and space planning options. Our goal is to keep them abreast of everything new and innovative in the worlds of custom wall beds, organization and home renovation.

How long is the initial appointment?

The initial consultation with your Murphy Bed Lifestyles Designer lasts approximately 1 to 2 hours. Our design consultant will want to get an idea of your creative vision, and then show you all of our product options, photographs of previous work, as well as samples and finishes. The design consultant will take a complete inventory of items you want to store, and then collaborate with you to design the perfect wall bed storage system to meet your needs.

May I fax or email my designs and get a price quote?

Yes, you can fax or email your designs and we’ll provide you a quote or price range for the project. However, we still recommend sending a design consultant to your home for a complimentary design consultation to review your design and offer suggestions on potential improvements. Every designer sees unique possibilities. By not meeting with one you might limit what ideas are out there for your space.

Do you offer fianancing?

Yes, most locations offer financing for your wall bed or custom cabinet system, but the options may vary from location to location. Contact our location in your region for more details. Sometimes there are interest free promotions on as well. Best to ask the local location when booking your appointment.

How long after the appointment can we get an installation?

The average wait time is 10 to 21 days. If the lead-time is longer, then you may have selected custom finishing or unique accents and moldings that require a longer wait. However, your installation dates are reserved at the time of purchase.

Do you attach the unit to the wall?

We attach our Murphy beds and cabinets to the wall for your safety. Doing so also allows us the option to use the wall instead of backing to provide the required structural rigidity.

How many days will it take to install my new system?

Most installations can be performed in 1-to-3 days. This may vary depending on how large your room is and the design elements you selected. When we schedule your installation date you will know how many days are required for your project.

Do you install before or after new carpeting?

We can install our Murphy bed systems before or after your new carpet is installed. It makes no difference to the unit’s functionality or appearance. We can also install over your existing carpet however wood flooring and tile should be installed before your new units arrive.

What kind of wood do you use?

We are a true custom manufacturer, so we can use any wood material. To ensure the best result, we prefer a board material that is dimensionally stable and does not warp or crack. We normally use industrial grade particleboard as a substrate. The finish is melamine, wood veneer or paint-grade. We also offer a complete line of green products.

How does particleboard compare with solid wood?

Particleboard is truly one of the best substrates for your Murphy bed system. Unlike solid wood, it is dimensionally stable and does not warp or crack over time. Because the surface is finished with wood veneer or melamine in solid or wood tones, the resulting wall bed or built-in cabinet system is stylishly functional.

Do you put backing on your systems?

Typically backing is not needed for your new Murphy bed system, for structure or support, because our systems are attached to the wall. If used, it is typically for aesthetic purposes since it hides any imperfections in the wall and eliminates the need to paint. Freestanding systems use backing to provide structural rigidity and can come in a variety of colors and finishes to match. Speak to your design consultant for more details about this option.

What is the difference between a wall bed and a Murphy bed?

A Murphy bed is a wall bed and it is also a brand. There are a variety of all bed brands that come in different sizes for different price points. To truly determine the best solution to match your vision, we highly suggest speaking with one of our design consultants for a complimentary consultation.

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