Build Process

Devoted to turning your designs into reality, our Murphy Bed Operations and Shop staff work as a team to produce well-crafted pieces that will satisfy our strict quality standards, ensuring they last a lifetime.

Build Process

Devoted to turning your designs into reality, our Murphy Bed Operations and Shop staff work as a team to produce well-crafted pieces that will satisfy our strict quality standards, ensuring they last a lifetime.

Made to Order; Never Pre-Fabricated or Mass Produced

Once you have approved your plans, our Operations team confirms the design specifications and sources your materials from our favorite local vendors.

factory ready for the start of the day

Precise Attention to Details

We fabricate each component to match your design specifications. Using our state-of-the-art machinery, we match the skill level of the operator to the machine to ensure we maintain excellence throughout the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing process:

  • Has checks for accuracy and precision built in
  • Committed to excellence at each station
  • Quality that’s been perfected over 39 years in business

When we say your Murphy bed cabinets will be custom, we mean custom. We do not use any pre-cuts or pre-made drawer boxes purchased from vendors to save time or cut costs.

Your Space Saving Wall Bed Solution Will Be Nothing Less Than the Best

Here’s how it all works:

We start by reviewing the design to confirm the measurements add up, and your wall bed has the clearance to open correctly, along with any drawers and doors that pull forward. Because it ever hurts to have a second set of eyes review the designs.



man working in factory on wall bedd

Cut List Created. Orders Placed. Ready to Go

Working as a team, each member looks for all the details they are responsible for.

  • Double-check measurements. Compare the size of the walls to the section measurements, confirming they work. If discrepancies exist, the designer is contacted, and a remeasure is scheduled. Unlike custom closets, most of our wall bed projects do not have sections we can modify at the installation to accommodate any fluctuations in wall alignments or measurements.
  • Digital cut lists created. Once measurements are verified, part lists are made for manufacturing and separated by the station. Each type of product has its own lead time and prep.
  • Orders placed. Using our tracking software all orders are placed. Each type of item has its own lead-time and needs to be coordinated so that the order will be ready at the same time.
operator of beam saw

Woodworking Combines with Tech

Our factories manufacture projects that consist of a single cabinet for a vertical or horizontal wall bed to cabinet designs that fill an entire room. Our production method allows us to progress efficiently through each station, from CNC panel saw boring, drawers, doors, and specialty.

  • No Prefab or Precuts. Because we are custom, we manufacture individual designs, not prefab or precut inventory for future use. Although we have specialists at each station, we do cross-train to allow us to scale up when large projects require it.
  • Quality Control. Quality control occurs at each step, with operators trained to check materials as they progress to each station. Every employee understands that we offer a one-of-a-kind wall bed solution. Their station is responsible for producing high-quality and flaw-free products no matter the station.
outside factory showroom murphy bed lifestyles

Ready on Schedule

The production team aims to complete and stack the project three days in advance for the installation team. Parts can be final checked once more before loading into the van for installation day.

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Our Clients Are Loving HowThey’re Living—With Their Custom Wall Beds

With experienced designers and skilled local manufacturers on your side, you’ll never have to worry about negotiating with unreliable subcontractors or waiting for samples that never arrive. It’s our mission to make you happy at every moment of our full-service custom process—from your first spark of inspiration to our meticulous white-glove installations.


“By adding a wall bed to my home gym I was able to have a space for guests to sleep when they visit”

- Laurie, Ft Lauderdale Florida

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